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  1. kaniini

    Spamhaus listing us for being listed and will not remove listings now?

    Because there isn't any.  Spamhaus don't roll like that.  Once they are pissed off at a provider at this level, it will never be delisted until the IP space is returned.  Unless you mean waiting for him to not pay his ARIN fees and have it revoked :)
  2. kaniini

    Spamhaus listing us for being listed and will not remove listings now?

    Hi! While I can't speak for Spamhaus, I will simply point out that it's legal under 47 USC § 230.  They can publish whatever they want, and users can use their lists to block whatever they want. That said, I am pretty sure I have seen lots of SSH scanning and other activities from Bitaccel...
  3. kaniini

    SolusVM SOLD and acquired by OnApp

    All of which have the same basic design flaws.
  4. kaniini

    BoltVM review

    Provider: BoltVM ( Plan: “Lighting 1024” Plan Location: ColoCrossing Los Angeles Price: $24/year Purchased: August 17, 2014 Virtualization stack: OpenVZ / Virtualizor / WHMCS module Hardware Information /proc/cpuinfo processor : 0 vendor_id : GenuineIntel cpu...
  5. kaniini

    Child labor in the low end segment

    Well that's another thing that is foreign to me with these kids.  When I was 16 I didn't even really want to do work, I wanted to fuck around instead.
  6. kaniini

    Child labor in the low end segment

    Cool story, bro.  When can I look forward to your staff flogging?
  7. kaniini

    Child labor in the low end segment

    I don't know, but I am curious as to when you plan to respond to my inquiry on WHT.  Here it is in case you missed it: Are you chicken?
  8. kaniini

    Child labor in the low end segment

    We wound up removing his access to the floor with the internal cages later on, actually for this reason.  His equipment was moved to the other DC area with the other colocation customers.
  9. kaniini

    Child labor in the low end segment

    That was more to keep him from possibly stealing things out of my cages when he found himself stranded in Dallas and had to return to the datacenter.  It certainly isn't the norm for how we operate.  Idle hands are the devil's work and all of that.
  10. kaniini

    Child labor in the low end segment

    I understand there isn't any contracts, but that means there's not any enforceable NDAs either.  I just don't see how that is at all responsible for any legitimate business to be doing.
  11. kaniini

    Child labor in the low end segment

    So, I'm actually curious about this, since something popped out at me in the latest drmike drama thread: "I get that this industry segment is fond of exploiting child labor." This seems to be a common complaint/observation about the low end. We (Centarra) don't do this (nor do we really...
  12. kaniini

    GreenValueHost forced password reset - Security breach?

    What was it then?  I'd be dying to hear your analysis.
  13. kaniini

    ARIN down to last /8

    From the ARIN announcement today: ARIN is down to its final /8 of available space in its inventory and has moved into Phase Four of its IPv4 Countdown Plan.  All IPv4 requests are now subject to Countdown Plan processes, so please review the following details carefully. All IPv4 requests will...
  14. kaniini


    Why not set up your containers where /tmp is mounted noexec?
  15. kaniini

    CEO/Founder of CloudFlare thinks HTTPS is over UDP

    Doesn't really surprise me given what else we've seen out of Cloudflare... they are in many ways the scummiest of the anti-DDoS scum.
  16. kaniini

    Small linux distrubitions

    When talking about small linux distributions, I always like to point out Alpine. It uses only 5MB of RAM at boot in the default config.
  17. kaniini

    Incero spamming?

    I wish you luck with your future Spamhaus listing. Live-chat contacts are not confirmed opt-in subscriptions to any mailing list.
  18. kaniini

    OpenSSL insecure and has been for two years.

    The OpenSSL bug is actually a result of their decision to cache memory chunks instead of immediately releasing them using free(2). Had they used free(2) on the memory chunks, the result would have been that the webserver crashed on an illegal memory access instead of key material compromise...
  19. kaniini

    ChicagoVPS hacked SolusVM, Bypassed Licensing, and is Running Illegal Cracked Copies of Solus

    To be fair, the licenses might be for NWNX and not ChicagoVPS in their system.
  20. kaniini

    Feathur bug bounty program?

    Did you seriously just propose I drop 0day on a public bug tracker where you have no control over bug visibility?