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  1. norival1992

    Email server, where is the bottleneck?

    There's a chance your email could be slow due to warming-up new IPs, ISP spam filters, or how your delivery throttling rules are configured
  2. norival1992

    Server recommendation for my website

    So, your business has grown large enough that you need your first server. Congratulations! Acquiring a server is a big decision, so some trepidation is understandable.
  3. norival1992

    Automatically provision dedicated servers... how?

    DCImanager is capable of managing infrastructure of any scale, from a few servers to all physical assets of the data center. You can administrate server equipment, keep track of inventory & parts, and check power consumption.
  4. norival1992

    Is VPS ok to host a game server?

    VPS is the cheapest and most efficient way of running your game. if you have heavy users then a dedicated server with moderate configuration is suggested to start with VPS is good.
  5. norival1992

    Looking for Windows 7-10 VPS

    You can use on a virtual environment any Windows you like, but you have to have the following: Software Assurance and Multi Volume Licensing.The specs you mention are acceptable too. Any preference for a location? And your budget?
  6. norival1992

    Is it okay to ask customers to review your services on forums or social media?

    Sometimes it's good. But if your customer wants to take you down, it's not good. And I think should'nt
  7. norival1992

    Mandrill for Outgoing WHMCS Emails

    Did you try sendgrid or mailjet? They are working better maildrill. I am using mailjet, and it can will help you prevent spamming, because it requires address verification.
  8. norival1992

    VPSCheaper.COM | Cheap KVM SSD VPS ★★★★★ Start $3.74 - 25% OFF for Lunar New Year

    Powerful 100% Pure SSD KVM Unmanaged VPS Hosting - Instant Setup! New Promotion 2016 (No recurring) :  25% Off by lunar2016 from 08/02/2016 -> 22/02/2016 VPSCheaper.COM is a new VPS Provider an offering reliable website hosting services in 2015. Our powerful VPS Hosting is powered by...
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    Proxmox HA, how to configure common IPs for VPSs?

    Yes, i told it is not a good solutions. If you are an expert in Proxmox, you can sell it as well.
  10. norival1992

    SolusVM Block Ports

    DId you try CSF ???
  11. norival1992

    Proxmox HA, how to configure common IPs for VPSs?

    I think Proxmox is not a good soluitions for VPS selling. Proxmox can use for personal only.
  12. norival1992

    How to open port 80 in firewall

    iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT
  13. norival1992

    Set up a proxy with a VPS

    You can use CCProxy for Windows vps. It will be easier
  14. norival1992

    [Simple] Testing Server Performance

    Speedtest (IPv4 only) --------------------- Your public IPv4 is Location                Provider        Speed CDN                     Cachefly        95.9MB/s Atlanta, GA, US         Coloat          3.67MB/s Dallas, TX, US          Softlayer       40.2MB/s Seattle, WA...
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    In my cpanel settings, i used NGINXCP and php-fastcgi to perform my server.
  16. norival1992

    Running your own mail server

    Thanks for your good tutorial....
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    Happy New Year

    Happy new year, we are on Lunar New Year of asian ;)
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi everyone, I am Phat Vo, working for SG Hitech Solutions. I am new in here and hoping to get helps from everyone. Thank you