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    E3-1220v1, 2x1TB RAID1, Lenoir, NC, 66 IPv4s - Instant Provisioning!

    Dear vpsBoard users, Today we are delighted to be selling a one-off dedicated server - only 1 in stock! The specifications are as follows: Intel Xeon E3-1220v1 2x 1TB SATA RAID1 HDDs 32 GB RAM 20 TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps 66 IPv4 Addresses Located in Lenoir, North Carolina Instant Provisioning...
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    Unusual Request Location - Ethiopia

    Out of curiosity, did you manage to find anything suitable?
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    $46.7 Million Stolen From Networking Firm Ubiquiti in Unidentified Hack

    I have to say that's one amazingly successful hack. I wouldn't expect employees to have fallen victim to phishing attempts, but I stand corrected. Good luck to Ubiquiti in regaining their "lost" funds.
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    Summer just started... Cortex Networks scam

    Ah, I'm fairly new round these parts. Makes sense thinking back though
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    Has anyone used BoltVM?

    That's another thing to add to the "forgot to renew" list...
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    Unusual Request Location - Ethiopia

    There are some providers who have nodes in South Africa and many that have nodes in India. I'm not sure how good the connection would be though. South Africa I'm not sure of a good Indian VPS provider, I'm sure some googling would yield some decent results though.
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    The first picture made me really hungry but the second kinda looks like puke, not going to lie. Anyway, I assume "American gravy" is the stuff that they do at KFC? If so, that stuff is amazing. Time to stop talking about food at almost 2 AM lol
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    Summer just started... Cortex Networks scam

    To me ;) EDIT: What's with the purple font, Tyler? Showing off your manliness?! :P
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    If I'm honest, that flavour doesn't seem the most appetizing.... is that just because I'm British? I could be wrong though - biscuits are good and gravy is good, so a combination may well be as good as you say. But I'll pass.
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    Google introduces new parent company, Alphabet

    To be honest, this "Alphabet" name sounds like a bit of a gimmick and rather childish, but I suppose Google did too when it was first announced. I'm not sure if they're going for a childish and jokey sounding name, but they succeed (or fail, depends how you look at it).
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    Summer just started... Cortex Networks scam

    We got the exact same "business proposal" through support ticket. I wonder how many other companies he's sent this thing to and how many have actually accepted him... I assume the latter wouldn't be very many - mainly those startups who are able to get that much cash off their parents. I also...
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    Future of Shared Web Hosting?

    Anytime soon? My answer is no - for the simple fact that people who are new to creating websites (bloggers, some startup companies etc) are not so technically minded and therefore, they'd prefer a managed cPanel service where everything is setup and all they have to do is point their domain to...