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  1. SentinelTower

    EU VAT number validator

    Hi all, I have written a PHP class to validate Eu VAT Numbers. It queries the VIES SOAP API and validates the format beforehand. There is a set of regular expressions to validate the number and it would be great if companies with a valid EU VAT number could check if their number is correctly...
  2. SentinelTower

    SentinelTower - Server monitoring service

    == Who is Suikatech? == We are a freshly created company with the goal to build nice and useful tools for the world wide web. Our vision is to bring the virtual world to reality by creating cool and easy to use softwares. By creating software for sysops we hope that their tasks will be easier...
  3. SentinelTower

    Git vulnerability

    Hey, Just giving a heads up for developers using GIT to access public repositories : a vulnerability has been found and can lead to arbitrary code to be run on the client machine if the latter uses a case insensitive file system. It seems that the git tree can be crafted to fool the git client...
  4. SentinelTower

    A vulnerability in RevSlider leads to massive malware campaign

    Hi, For those who are running wordpresses and who are not yet aware of SoakSoak, there is a massive malware campaign which has already compromised hundreds of websites. Google has already blacklisted 11k domains and counting. The flaw is affecting old versions of the premium plugin revolution...