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  1. ryanarp

    Much wow! Dollar Upgrades

    Much wow! * - Dollar upgrades sale is back. Offer valid while supplies last, buy now. Ideal for Micro VPS Hosts, CDN, Hobby Servers 960GB SSD $5 6TB WD SATA $2 600GB 15,000RPM Enterprise SAS $3 1TB 10,000RPM SATA VelociRaptor $3 100TB BW on 1gig port $2 253 IPs $6 32GB DDR-3 ECC RAM $2 one...
  2. ryanarp

    Dual Xeon E5620 $199/month RAM, DISK, CPU Upgrades Available

    Dual Xeon E5620: Base price: $199/mo or $169/mo with $199 setup   FREE IPv4, up to a $512/mo value! Dual Xeon E5620 (upgrade to Dual Xeon E5645 $199 one time fee) 32GB DDR-3 ECC RAM (upgrade to 96GB DDR-3 ECC RAM $199 one time fee) H/W RAID 0,1,10, or 0,1,5,6,10 can be thrown in free depending...
  3. ryanarp

    [INCERO] Enterprise Colocation Bundles [$60 Off Recurring]

    Hi Everyone,   For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ryan. I work Full Time in the Dallas Data Center. I am very excited to share this colocation offer with you today. You can use my Promo Link to save $60 Recurring on our colocation offer. For those that have no interest in learning...
  4. Exelion

    E3-1230v3/16GB/2x2TB/33TB/Gigabit/Dallas/100% Uptime, $99/mo, 2x240GB SSD $115/mo

    --- Attention to those who just got burned by the recent string of host failures: Call or email us, we will try to match or beat what your previous host offered you. We want to help. --- Call us: 1-844-393-4968 Email us: [email protected] Chat with us: #exelion on Or just visit...