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  1. FlokiNET

    15% Holiday Discount on Dedicated Servers + Free AntiDDoS [IS, RO]

    Use the promocode FireandIce15 before the end of the year to get 15% discount on dedicated servers [IS, RO]! About us FlokiNET was established in 2012 in Iceland to provide a safe harbor for freedom of speech, free press and whistle-blower projects. We operate data centers in Iceland, Romania...
  2. O

    OpticServers LTD - Privately Owned Hardware - VPS Hosting - DDoS Protection - Own Datacenter - "Open

        Our Goal     Here at OpticServers, our aim is to provide you, the customer with a high quality virtual private server, useful for anything from websites, to testing development projects. With our 24/7 support on hand in the case of a hardware fault, uptime is a top priority. As a UK host, we...