1. CenTex Hosting

    1U From 49.95 Full Rack from 979 1 GB Port | Dallas Colo | free remote hands | Free rack and stack

    CenTex Hosting Is Now Offering  1U and Full Rack Colocation Have you been looking for a home for your Servers? Now you have found one. We have some great offers for you.  Free Rack and Stack Free Remote Hands Free PDU on full Racks while we have them in Stock 1U Rack Space (Up to 4U)...
  2. matt[scrdspd]

    [For Sale] Dual Intel Xeon Supermicro 1U Servers

    Two Dual Intel Xeon Supermicro 1U Servers for sale.   Great for VPS nodes, cPanel nodes, or high performance Dedicated Servers. These are great production and enterprise ready systems. Just install your OS and go.   Server 1 Excellent condition, works great, purchased new, 1 owner...
  3. notFound

    Supermicro rails

    I am looking to buy some Supermicro rails but from what it seems I can't find anywhere in the UK that's actually in stock. Anyone want to point me in the right direction? I could always do ebay but I'd rather not pay the £20 or so extra for shipping.