1. AuroraZero

    Looking for a NY, CH, OH, or IND KVM

    I am looking for a KVM box with the following specs in the one of the following locations. DDOS protection would be nice but not necessary as it is mostly going to be a dev box. Needs to support IPV6 which means no colocrossing. Not a fan of them anyways so they would out to begin with. The box...
  2. peterw

    256MB OpenVZ in DE or NL

    I need a OpenVZ server in DE or NL which has: 256MB of RAM 40-60GB of HDD 300-500GB of traffic handle some I/O load This will be used for a blog with weekly podcasts and a huge gallery of familiy pictures (20GB). Ogg Vorbis audio convertion and thumbnail generation done on server. Any offers...