1. fixidixi

    Which lightweight self hosted remote monitoring script would you recommend?

    Hy, I've read this topic and did the ususal google search, but I'd be interested in your recommendations: I'm looking for a lightweight self hosted remote monitoring script which would generate a static uptime report. Report should only include if the node/service ip is up/down. Goodie: if...
  2. Marc M.

    LowEndTalkin' - LET is back - sort off - check it out!

    Alright, so after some thinking and thinkering I've set up LowEndTalkin' for the folks who miss the layout of LET and Vanilla Forums. You can check it out here: Who's running this? Well me, MannDude (who's also running this forum), Jarland, Nick_A, KBeezie and MitGib...