1. drmike

    Kindle e-ink device users forced to upgrade or no internet.

    If you are using the older Kindle (Amazon) e-readers there is a deadline today. Amazon is forcing updates to be installed on your device(s) or it will cease to connect to the internet. Full info...
  2. lbft

    Amazon drops Glacier pricing and releases new cheap S3 storage option - Infrequent Access Amazon's Glacier is cheap (1 cent per GB per month) but it comes with long waits to retrieve data, and retrieval costs can jump quite high if you pull a lot of your data at once (like...
  3. S

    Sync/Migrating a kvm/xen vps to Amazon/similar cloud

    Is it possible to sync a live kvm/xen vps to a cloud provider like amazon? Possible use case of bringing the cloud image to use by change of dns entries, in case of failure of main vps. Down time in such case limited to dns ttl plus dns propagation time. Possible at all? Issues involved? And as...
  4. J

    Amazon Releases New Open Source Implementation of TLS Protocol

    More: Just a server implementation, as far as I can tell, not a client implementation. Still, good news.
  5. howardsl2

    Get Two Public IPs on an Amazon EC2 Instance for Free

    In this quick tutorial I would like to share with the community a method to get two public IP addresses on a single Amazon EC2 instance for FREE (i.e. without paying extra for that second IP). Some of you may already know this trick. This is useful if you run multiple SSL sites on an instance...