1. R

    UK/USA | cPanel | $5.99/Year | 6 Years in Business | Big Sale on Annual Payments !!!

    Greetings from RosenHost, We have been in the web hosting business since 2009, providing budget friendly cPanel & Linux hosting solutions. With 6 years of web hosting experience, we know what you want and how we can help you. A reliable business, realistic hosting packages and customer...
  2. S

    Shardhost Second Birthday Specials (KVM from $10/year)

    Shardhost is a UK LTD company (reg 07679837) that has been providing hosting services since June 2011. We currently serve over 3500 clients. We own all of our VPS hardware.  All services are currently being offered out of our racks in Dallas, Texas (Colo4Dallas DC via CC).   We think these...
  3. drmike

    VPS offers - quarterly and semi annual

    Asking the community their thoughts on longer term plans for VPS accounts. Typically, people get the monthly plans for many reason (low cost, letting the provider prove themselves, etc.). I've been slowly transitioning from monthly plans. Reasons for doing such: constant emails about invoices...