1. DomainBop

    Supreme Court OKs Rule Change Allowing Gov't Hacking of Any Computer With VPN Software

    The U.S. Supreme Court quietly OK'd a rule change last Thursday that will allow the government to obtain a warrant and remotely hack into ANY computer or smartphone that has anonymity software installed on it (VPN, Tor browser, etc) and the devices of anyone who has tried to conceal their...
  2. drmike

    Tor Users Isolated and Deanonymized via Hardware Data and Leaky Javascript - Proof of Concept

    Excellent security dev here done by this gent to show weakness in Tor. Simply said, bits of data available even with Tor bundled browser originating from mouse and other hardware.  Enough to make you think plausible to use such to identify user as being the same user seen elsewhere. Over...
  3. DomainBop

    HORNET: 93 Gb/s Tor Alternative

    Proposed faster, more secure alternative to Tor: ABSTRACT We present HORNET, a system that enables high-speed end-to-end anonymous channels by leveraging next generation network architectures. HORNET is designed as a low-latency onion routing system that operates at the network layer thus...