1. HostServES

    HOSTSERV - DDoS Protected VPS and Web Hosting (OVH GAME) (CF Magic Transit)

    Information: We have been testing the matter for a few weeks until we have got to work. We have brief experience in virtual servers, virtualization and hosting in general. What we offer? Currently we offer virtual servers by OVH in the United States (Virginia), they have a GAME Firewall which...
  2. W

    WAF.TO | Secured Hosting & DDoS protection expert

    Founded in 2016, WAF.TO is a web host backed by experts specializing in cyber security. Headquartered in Italy with datacenters in Strasbourg , Frankfurt am Main, Las Vegas, Reykjavik, London, Petah Tiqwa, Amsterdam. WAF.TO delivers a comprehensive set of solutions, including DDoS protection...

    HmaServ Anti DDoS Vps and Dedicated Server starting at 22$

    HmaServ provides DDoS protected VPS & Dedicated hosting in ( USA & UK ) . We provide free DDoS protection upto a level of 40 Gbps to all our customers. We supervise your server on a 24/7 basis by constantly monitoring the incoming packets for any sign of DDoS attack. We provide DDoS protection...