1. drmike

    Recommendations: Cord Cutter TV Data Powered

    I know viewers here are TV heads.  You love that box. Lots has changed in the past few years with platforms, maturity of solutions, TV providers, etc.  Looking for current recommendations on gear that stands out while being reasonable to cheap on price.  Obviously I am a fan of cheap, but...
  2. Hostwinds

    Windows Phone Apps

    Does anyone have some suggestions for good apps on a phone running Windows? I had an iPhone for ages and recently switched. Looking for productivity apps and any other suggestions you may have. Thanks!!
  3. R

    A ready to use multi-domain mail server with GUI management, Roundcube webmail, IMAP and POP

    Hi, I am happy to announce the release of the Flockport mailserver which makes it easy for end users to deploy a mail server in any VPS (except OpenVZ) See the video walk through. Just like the mail server Flockport has containers of popular web apps that basically let users launch and use...
  4. R

    Flockport launches ready to deploy containers of popular web apps

    Hi All, I am thrilled to make this post here. I been have soaking up all the guides, especially by wlanboy for some time and have been used for some of the containers, and I hope Flockport is useful to the vpsboard community. Flockport provides ready to deploy containers of popular web apps...
  5. N

    JuiceSSH Pro (Android SSH client) free until March 18 Requires a Google-hosted email address to get the free Pro key and it takes "2 to 6 hours" for you to receive your key. I haven't actually used JuiceSSH yet, but I hear it's good. And free is always nice.