1. wlanboy

    Build your own IoT plattform - Arudino with shield as client

    This will be the start of a series of tutorials about IoT, servers, clients and how things can be connected. I want to show how a opensource based IoT plattform that is host-able on any shared-hosting account can be build. So no special services, no Azure, no Google, no Bling-Bling-Newish...
  2. wlanboy

    Arduino (or Trinket) with Bluetooth control

    I am using the Arduino for quite a long time and I often like to control the Arduino from my Raspberry Pi. Xbee itself is cool but quite expensive, so I searched for a cheap Bluetooth module that is offering a serial console. And found one: It is a "HC-06 Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver...
  3. wlanboy

    Measure power consumption of Arduino projects

    I am currently working on a remote Arduino project. "Remote" includes Bluetooth and solar powered (LiPo backuped) power supply. To ensure that my power supply is suitable I had to find a way to measure the power consumption of my project. All you need is a Breadboard Power Supply Stick...
  4. wlanboy

    Video comparing Arduino with Raspberry Pi

    Well made video which is comparing the Arduino with the Raspberry Pi:
  5. wlanboy

    Arduino + Solar + Lipo + Bluetooth

    Sneak Preview of my next Arduino project. This project is about a solar powered Arudino which is controlled via Bluetooth. First step is a OLED display that can be controlled with a basic serial communication protocol. I will add some LEDs, a realtime clock (battery buffered), etc, later...
  6. wlanboy

    RaspMap und ArduMap

    Two really cool projects about a detailed map of the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino. Move the mouse over one electronic element and the map popups the name and description: Go to the RaspMap and the ArduMap.
  7. wlanboy

    Raspberry Pi + Arduino Project III Some LED animation just for fun :D
  8. wlanboy

    Raspberry Pi + Arduino Project II This is my second Raspberry Pi + Arduino project: A token generator for my two factor authentification service. What it does: Generate 10 random letters per destination Store them in EEPROM Raspberry Pi is reading EEPROM Rapsberry Pi is updating databases to...
  9. wlanboy

    My Raspberry Pi + Arduino Project So what did I build? My servers <-> Internet <-> Rapsberry Pi <-> Arduino <-> Shiftregister <-> blinking things Cronjob running a Ruby script This script does: Load list of ips and loop through list doing: Ping ip Try to login via ssh (key based) Check if other...