arm servers

  1. drmike

    Scaleway Launches Native IPv6 and IPv6 only 1.99/mo

    Scaleway continues to impress. Now they've launched IPv6 natively and are even discounting those 2.99 instance further if you use IPv6 only. IPv6 will also let you spare €1 per server if you don't need a public IPv4. As such, you can now benefit from a VPS with 2GB of ram, 50GB of SSD...
  2. DomainBop

    Industry News From The Land Of Oles: ARM v8 Cloud Servers, $2.99/2GB SSD KVM/OpenStack

    RunAbove news:   ThunderX ARMv8 powered cloud servers coming in August:     full press release:   -------------------   OVH VPS...
  3. DomainBop Tests Dedicated ARM Server Cloud

    Something different, so it's worth a thread. is testing a dedicated ARM server cloud.  You can get a free 15-minute trial here: (no signup required) or a longer free trial by following @online_fr on Twitter and sending them a DM with your email...