1. ryanarp

    New SolusVM Beta Build Security Update Rev13 8/27/2013

    I haven't seen this posted yet, so thought I would since it contains security enhancements from audit. Revision 13 (27 August 2013) Beta Build Added Client, Reseller and Admin single session support. Default is ON but can be disabled from the admin area Configuration » Settings » Security...
  2. Marc M.

    SolusVM 1.13.09/1.14.00 R9 Update Released!

    From the looks of it the external audit has not started yet, as another update has been released. IMHO they are giving the code a thorough look. I hope that whatever they are doing is right so that we won't have to face situations like these again in the future.
  3. M

    [ASK] Good cheap security auditor

    Hello there, As we all already know there are many 0 day exploit lately. I'm wondering is there any good cheap website security auditor around the net? It's for my own billing/support system + VPS management (like Linode) panel. Looking for any suggestion from you guys. edit : right now i only...