1. drmike

    B2 Net Solutions / Servermania - Shifting ColoCrossing's Spam

    Still on vacation time, so this is just a glancing jab. When ColoCrossing recently stemmed the flow of spam on their network, I said to a number of people that if CC continued to do so, they would be shifting their SPAMMERS to "partners".  That is to say, hiding said bad actors on other ASNs...
  2. drmike

    ServerMania / B2Net / B2NetSolutions 8185 Sheridan Drive 14221 = Same as ColoCrossing's Address

    So my crystal ball for corrupt VPS offers seems to have been working quite well. I said B2Net/ServerMania would be seen on LEB with a Black Friday offer, and so it was:
  3. drmike

    VPSAce hacked, database stolen, encryption key for cards likely taken

    I'll keep it short and to the point here. was hacked.   Their WHMCS was victimized.   Their WHMCS database was stolen.  The on disk encryption key was swiped. Their data is among a heap offered up on a hacking related website:
  4. drmike

    Aim2Game = B2 Net = Servermania = Chris Niedojadlo = Jerzy Niedojadlo = Kevin Blanchard

    We have another thread on here about the various front companies based just over the border from Buffalo in Ontario, who are a regular fixture on LowEndBox. Last week Aim2Game had yet another LEB offer.   While Jon Biloh will deflect such criticism on LET and deny any links between the above...