1. MannDude

    A visual comparison of provider's and their custom control panels. Lots of screenshots!

    This thread will be a work in progress. First let me say: WARNING! Lots of images below! I wanted to show off some of the custom panels that a few providers that frequent vpsBoard have created. I'm a customer of each provider and have taken the time to go through and take a lot of screenshots...
  2. drmike Jack's Company Sold to Oktay/Serverian/Backupsy/etc.

    Someone brought something up on a thread and someone sent me a kite... What's up with this? Domain Last Updated Date: Tue Jan 14 18:11:02 GMT 2014 New owner of = Oktay? Domain Name: DOTVPS.CO Domain ID: D30405856-CO...
  3. drmike

    Backupsy dumps Colocrossing :)

    Well I sniffed this with some migration emails.   Backupsy (one of Oktay's/Serverian's) better known brands seems to have dumped ColoCrossing at all locations.  Previously I believe they were CC in Buffalo, Chicago and perhaps Los Angeles. In the United States, locations and providers now are...
  4. S

    New Backupsy Los Angeles, CA Location is UP!

    Hello there!   We are proud to announce that we have launched our new Los Angeles location on Quadranet's awesome network which provides very good connections to East Asia and Australia!   Feel free to test our network here:   Test IP: Test...