1. ChrisM

    Virtua Realm L.L.C Announces the opening of *Get your Free OnApp powered cloud.

    Edit: Please note we are currently out of stock of Beta Clouds these Clouds are free for life for those who got them. This is a beta launch before our planned launch Monday the 19th.   If you encounter any issues please open a support ticket Hello, Virtua Realm L.L.C of Michigan is proud...
  2. R

    a Raspberry Pi server done right // need two beta testers

    We have a new product - a Raspberry Pi based servers. Our internal development and testing is complete, now I need two external beta testers. The two beta testers should be respected community members and should test the service for some time and report any problems they find directly to me. The...
  3. scv

    anyNode KVM Beta

    Hi folks, I'm on the verge of launching our KVM product and looking for a few beta testers to try out the service. I'll only be accepting a few applications so If you're interested, please shoot me a PM and I'll set you up with a beta account in our management portal.
  4. Novacha

    [Beta Testers Needed] Open Offers System

    Just a while back, I posted a thread about an open source alternative to low end box. I started development shortly after and today the system has now been put in beta! With the help of @Pmadd (Jenkins unit testing server) and @MannDude (providing the beta server and the domain name), I have...
  5. M

    Prometeus to launch Cloud services. Beta testers needed !

    Hello ! After a long time, we have finally managed to find something suitable for our IaaS Cloud. We are now deploying it on the hardware we have ready for months and need some testers to stress it. There will be 2 tiers in this test, one through HostBill which will be like a regular VPS (KVM...
  6. Awmusic12635

    Fliphost LA SSD KVM Beta

    Shortly I will be adding both a new location and KVM to our offering. I figured I would take the time to do a short beta test of the service to make sure it is up to par. I have the following: 4 Cores 2GB RAM 15Gb Disk 1Gbps 1 Ipv4 Location LA Order link for this beta is: HERE All orders...
  7. wdq

    The new Google Maps

    So I just got invited to the new Google Maps Preview Beta that was announced at Google I/O recently.  From my time using it I have to say that it's a whole lot faster than Maps used to be, and I like how the Google Earth features are now built into Google Maps on the web.  Anyone else have a...