1. MannDude

    Happy Birthday HalfEatenPie

    Skype tells me it is your birthday. Have a good birthday @HalfEatenPie!
  2. Aldryic C'boas

    Hey man, you're getting old.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANCISCO Fran turns 30 today.  Now that he's officially old, let's help him celebrate with some ridiculous birthday images :P
  3. ChrisM

    Happy 26th Birthday MannDude!

    I would like to wish @MannDude a Happy 26th Birthday! Have a nice one dude!
  4. Ishaq

    Happy birthday, HalfEatenPie!

    According to skype it's his birthday. Happy birthday! Have a good one!
  5. B

    Birthday gifts

    I have seen many of the providers who sells LowEndBoxes and other hosting services giving away gifts on their birthday. Last one among them being BlueVM, and I am happy to get hold of one of their semi annual OpenVZ package. But, usually birthday gifts are given the other way. The birthday...