1. mitgib

    Changes to the BitPay Free Plan

    Hi there, In an effort to provide better service to our expanding user base, BitPay will be adjusting our pricing plans October 1, 2015. Due to your volume and settlement preferences, we do not believe your account will be drastically affected, but we wanted to make you aware of the changes to...
  2. Asim

    How to pay from BitPay

    n00b question but how do I pay using BitPay, recently I wanted to pay invoice for one of my favorite VPS provider and they refused to accept the good old PAYPAL (since I use my UK-cousin's paypal to pay invoices). I am forced to consider BITPAY, its either BITPAY-way or leave-the-host-forever...
  3. splitice


    In case anyone missed it Bitpay is now requiring compliance information from those merchants who are using it.
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  5. MannDude

    Do you accept Bitcoins as a payment method? Why? Why not? (Plus other questions)

    Curious who here accepts payments via Bitcoins for web hosting clients and how that's going for you. I think there might be a little reluctance from some to do business with someone paying via Bitcoin initially, and was wondering how the clients who pay with it are in terms of their quality...