1. JackWinston

    Looking for Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development?

    Build a robust, secure, and user-friendly Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform for your traders with our White Label Crypto Exchange Software to unlock revenue and growth for your Crypto business. As a best-in-class Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, We Maticz offer top-notch...
  2. brugusoftwaresolutions

    10 Advantages of Using Smart Contracts | Brugu Software solutions

    Top 10 Advantages of Using Smart Contracts For Your Business For as long as the citizenry has done business with each other, there are contracts. A contract may be a binding agreement between two or more parties and is typically enforceable by law. Over time, they need to evolve in...
  3. JackWinston

    Binance Clone Script - To Start Crypto Exchange like Binance

    Maticz offers Binance Clone Script & Binance Clone App to Start Crypto Exchange like Binance. Our White Label Binance Exchange Clone comes with Liquidity, DEX/P2P/OTC/Margin Trade features. Features of Binance Clone Script Dynamic Token Adding Tool Derivative Trading Staking Module Liquidity...
  4. K

    Blockchain Cross Border Payment Solution

    Blockchain is solely a buzz because of its security features. If you are looking for the most secured payment application for your consumers, then you can think of developing customized blockchain cross-border payment solutions!
  5. jamesdonald95

    What is the difference between blockchain and polkadot?

    The blockchain and Polkadot resembles the same since it stores data in blocks for it to be chained together and moves the existing data to a fresh block to store the new one. They both differ in transaction of funds since Polkadot provides parallel transactions that happen simultaneously and...
  6. brugusoftwaresolutions

    What are centralized cryptocurrency exchanges?

    Centralized exchanges can be used to conduct trades from fiat to cryptocurrency (or vice versa). They can also be used to conduct trades between two different cryptocurrencies. While this may seem to cover all of the potential transaction types, there is still a market for another type of...
  7. brugusoftwaresolutions

    Proof Of Concept In Software Development: 5 Critical Factors To Success

    Proof Of Concept In Software Development: 5 Critical Factors To Success Software development: Proof of concept Before proceeding with a project, the first and foremost thing we must do is clearly define ideas and product orientation. If the initial idea is poorly tested or the core values are...
  8. J

    Cost to start a crypto exchange:

    Cryptocurrencies have indeed proven their mass growth even during the pandemic situation..Nowadays people are making big numbers via cryptocurrencies. If you are also interested in making it...but don’t know how to start with cryptocurrencies. One of the top emerging business trends in 2021 is...
  9. alexmea

    Fast Money Making Business (Proven) Ideas & Opportunities

    Unless you win the lottery, becoming a millionaire takes hard work, patience & you need to wait for the right time. However, if you’re interested in starting your own business, don't wait!!! start today, not for tomorrow. Here is the list of emerging blockchain business ideas that are bound to...
  10. V

    Bitcoin blender | BTC Mixer with ghostmixer

    BTC Mixer, also referred to as Bitcoin tumbler or Bitcoin blender, is the process of using a service like ours to break the connection between a Bitcoin sending and receiving address. Since the Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger that records every transaction, mixing coins is critical for...