1. D

    BurstNet getting back into the game with SmartHost?

    So this post is inspired by the email I just got from a company called SmartHost ( I never used any host by that name or signed up for such an email list so I went to their website to see if I recognized them. Their about page sounded an awful lot like that of BurstNet and since I...
  2. drmike

    Have server missing at in Dunmore / Scranton, Pennsylvania?

    This is taken from WHT and the mega Burst thread...  If you have a server with and it hasn't been accounted for, it likely was abandoned/left behind:
  3. C

    Burstnet Los Angeles - Next on the chopping block?

    Hello, So I got through the NC migration. Now what's going on? Last Monday I ordered a Windows dedicated server in LA an no word. Its Active in My Services, but no setup email, no IP, etc. Two tickets with several updates each by me and no replies. I opened a dispute with paypal today. I...
  4. drmike

    Burstnet Technologies Inc. aka Burstnet lies, rips off landlord, refused to move out of Dunmore Data

    BREAKING NEWS Burstnet ripped off their landlord (Insite Dunmore) and failed to pay lease obligations going all the way back to July 2013. see for yourself: Background: As mentioned in Burstnet Technologies (aka Burstnet) has...
  5. drmike

    Breaking: Burstnet Strategically Defaulted on Leases, Debt Obligations and Data Center Lease - Court

    Breaking News: Burstnet's recent and sudden move from Dunmore, Pennsylvania, is due to strategic defaults / refusal to pay for leases.  This includes at least FIVE equipment leases.  Four of them are for servers and related components and the fifth is for electric materials for their Dunmore DC...
  6. Jonathan emergency bailout of Dallas

    Several BurstNET customers have reported receiving the following email:   They've been using CoreXChange in Dallas and few other Corex customers have chimed in a reported they've not had any issues.  It was also posted at one point that Burst has cut their cage size in half recently and their...