1. hostshield

    HostShield LTD | Windows VPS | Linux VPS | 7.99$

    HOSTSHIELD LTD - Your #1 Hosting Provider Who are we ? ================ Hostshield Private LTD is a registered company located in London (Registration #11361679). We offer a wide range of services to our clients, you can rent a VPN, a VPS, a game server, a web hosting and even domain names ...
  2. VPN.SH

    Selling 0.14 BTC - $55 - PayPal

    Hey vpsBoard, Got 0.14 BTC that I'm wanting to sell. Please PM me if you're interested. Payment to be made by PayPal. Could probably get one or two people to pop in and confirm legitimate and easy sales (depending on their discretion) if needed. Thanks, Liam
  3. VPN.SH

    0.153 BTC for sale

    Hey guys, Selling 0.153 BTC if anybody is interested in buying. Preferably want payment over PayPal. Please PM me if interested in buying either the full amount, or a chunk (preferably nothing small than 0.07). Thanks, Liam