1. MCH-Phil

    My Custom Hosting | KVM + OpenVZ | $4=1GB/50GB/1000GB | $7=2GB/100GB/2000GB | Native IPv6 | Limited

    About My Custom Hosting My Custom Hosting was registered back in 2009 and has been providing hosting to customers for almost 8 years.  We aim to offer your the most features at the lowest price possible. With multiple offsite backup locations, CloudFlare, Softaculous and Nginx+Varnish, and now...
  2. MCH-Phil

    My Custom Hosting | OpenVZ + KVM | Introducing KVM VPS! | E5 | 64GB RAM | SSD-Cached | IPv6 | Nightl

      Introducing - our - Self Managed KVM VPS!   Node H/W: includes E5 with 64 Gb DDR3 and SSD Caching   Located at the BHS OVH facility in Montreal, Canada.     Exclusive VPSBoard Introductory Offer   Take 25% off your first month on ANY monthly VPS plan. (Includes OpenVZ and KVM)   Use Coupon...