1. R

    CentOS 7 Cron Error - Is it normal or serious?

    Hello, Just setup my first CentOS 7 server (always used Debian until now) and after initial setup and configuration I have received in the first 24 hours of operation 2 emails separated in time by 1 minute with the following: --- FROM: (Cron Daemon) <[email protected]> SUBJECT: Cron...
  2. L

    [HELP] Curl not working

    i have in stalled wordpress on centos 6.5 (64bit) and when i change permalink settings and click on any post it shows me an error page, i have updated .htaccess file and curl is enabled on my vps but still cant igure out what is the actual problem. its a fresh installation please someone help me...
  3. B

    Unmanaged VPS

    hello vpsboard can you help me about my problem regarding my VPS ? I have a 1gb ram KVM VPS and the OS I have installed is a centOS 6.5 32bit  . I want to access my VPS and browse internet using it what things do I need to install to have a desktop view on my VPS ? 
  4. drmike

    CentOS released for ARM devices!

    I know CentOS is the OS of choice for many web hosts and I assume some of them use it otherwise day to day. CentOS has released a new version with ARM support: Source:
  5. eva2000

    Android & Windows VPN clients for L2TP IPSec ?

    I mainly use Android devices so had setup my own local Brisbane & Sydney and US based CentOS OpenVPN VPN VPS servers to connect to. However, I'm wanting to extend VPN coverage to Windows 8.1 phone devices too and they prefer L2TP. So I've setup a CentOS 7 server (running Centmin Mod of course)...
  6. eva2000

    Centmin Mod 1.2.3-eva2000.08 stable release !

    Since a few members here are using my Centmin Mod LEMP web stack for their servers, just a heads up I just switched my domain's DNS over to the new server cluster which sports the new web site design. Also Centmin Mod 1.2.3-eva2000.08 stable release is here - well...
  7. eva2000

    Allowing a VPS/Dedicated server to receive SMS text messages ?

    Never dealt with sms text on linux servers, but was wondering if there's any service/software that would allow VPS/dedicated server to receive a specific SMS text message and then based on that SMS text message run a certain action/task ? Or anything close ?  cheers George
  8. M

    Centos-Webpanel - Apache page shows up for all domains

    Hey everyone. Long story short i installed Centos web panel. Its amazing so far. This is my second time installing it as i messed something up the first time, first time i was able to change the apache template in each directory itself and it would change. Now i cant...I...
  9. F

    which control panel

    I am new to VPS i only ever used windows dedicated before.i am looking for ideas for a free control panel and maybe some links to tutorials and demo's to take a look see if i can use it! I have looked at some already but like cpanel and other paid but for the amount of space i have its not worth...
  10. howardsl2

    Securing Your Server using IPset and Dynamic Blocklists

    As a dedicated server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) owner, one of the important tasks is to defend against online attacks. In this tutorial I will discuss how to use IPset with dynamic blocklists to better secure your server. IP sets are a framework inside the Linux kernel, administered by the...
  11. dave

    Openvpn 2.3.3 for CentOS 6.5

    I've been waiting for the new Openvpn 2.3.3 release that fixes the heartbleed bug to make it into the EPEL repository for CentOS, but it's taking forever. Is there an...
  12. howardsl2

    Using SSHFS to Share Folders Among Your VPS

    Hello guys, here is my tutorial for setting up "SSHFS" to create shared folder(s) among your VPS. We will be using "autossh" which has the nice "automatic reconnect" capability whenever the link goes down. Also implemented are settings such as "chroot" and "key use restrictions" which will...
  13. lbft

    RHEL 7 beta released

    Red Hat have announced that RHEL 7 beta is now available for those with subscriptions. I doubt too many people here have Red Hat subs but this is stuff likely to be in the final RHEL 7 and thus the next major releases of Centos, Scientific Linux, etc. Some interesting changes: dropped 32 bit...
  14. T

    Assisted setup script for DenyHosts on CentOS and Debian Linux distributions

    Hello All, I have been working on some scripts to help assist new Linux and VPS users in setting up DenyHosts on their server. Below I am including these scripts for you all to use: Some info on DenyHosts for those of you who don't know what it is: What is DenyHosts? DenyHosts is a script...
  15. eva2000

    Anyone have experience with Cherokee web server ?

    Anyone here have any experience with Cherokee web server ? As well as Nginx web server ?  One of my Centmin Mod users suggests I look at Cherokee web server and he said he did benchmarks against simple phpinfo php file and it was faster than Nginx and Litespeed web...
  16. MannDude

    Linux VPS cheat sheet. Linux commands for CentOS/RHEL and Ubuntu/Debian

    Figured this thread could be a handy resource for everyone at all skill-levels. Sometimes you just want to copy and paste a command you've used a hundred times (DD-tests, for example) or are just having a brain fart and forgot how to do something. Well... this thread is for you, my friend! Let's...
  17. eva2000

    Centmin Mod v1.2.3 Install + Setup Guide

    About time I posted a quick guide for installing Centmin Mod so here it is :) Centmin Mod v1.2.3 background info Requirements: Fresh CentOS 6.x based 32bit or 64bit installation (CentOS minimal ISO recommended) Minimum 256MB memory available. With...