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  1. ParkInHost Cloud VPS | SSD Drives at $9.99 [USA/SG/DE/NL]

    SSD Cloud VPS Hosting | Cloud VPS Servers | 1Gbps Cloud VPS Servers Parkinhost offers Cloud VPS as a IaaS & PaaS services to small and medium Scaled Enterprises. We have designed Cloud VPS for complete Reliability. We understand downtime costs money, all Virtual Servers have auto restore...
  2. R

    128GB 16 core instances billed by the minute available on Exoscale

    With big data usage or other scientific applications leveraging more and more on computing power, requirements for high capacity instances has become a common thread amongst feature request. Therefore, 2 new instance profiles are now available with up to 128GB RAM at Exoscale with evocative...
  3. LimestoneNetworks

    Limestone Networks Announces Launch of OnePortal Rapid Cloud Platform

    Limestone Networks, a leading cloud IaaS and dedicated server hosting provider, announced the launch of OnePortal Rapid, a new public cloud computing service. Dallas, Texas. May 26, 2016. OnePortal Rapid will enable hosting clients to consume cloud and bare-metal server hosting through a...
  4. A

    AWS cost estimation for my requirements.

    Bandwidth-9000gb memory-3gb disk space-85gb now i don't know how to calculate it using AWS calculator so please help me.!! and can you also compare plan of "Knownhost" vps-3. Thankyou!!