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  1. Awmusic12635

    Query Foundry, LLC acquires Liquid Host

    Reposted from a email that was sent out to clients
  2. Awmusic12635

    Query Foundry, LLC acquires Fraphost

    Query Foundry, LLC today announced it has acquired Fraphost, a VPS hosting provider based out of Buffalo, NY and Las Vegas, NV. The purchase increases Cloud Shards' market share in the VPS and Web hosting market and adds Las Vegas as a new hosting location. All Fraphost clients will stay as is...
  3. concerto49

    Any interest in these 64MB plans?

    Considering releasing these 64MB OpenVZ VPS plans. Looking for feedback. If popular, will push them out in a couple of hours. Location will be Los Angeles (MultaCOM).   1 CPU (E5-2630L) 64MB RAM / 32MB VSwap 5GB RAID10 HDD (SSD-Cache) 200GB Bandwidth @ Gigabit   What would prefer...
  4. concerto49

    Feedback on Logo Update?

    Hi all, planning some updates on the website and other components of Cloud Shards. Whilst we're at it, we got a graphics designer to update the logo. Thoughts?