1. F

    GitLab: Time to Leave the Cloud (bare-metal vs shared-environment virtualization)

    What we found is that the cloud was not meant to provide the level of IOPS performance we needed to run an agressive system like CephFS. ... The problem with CephFS is that in order to work, it needs to have a really performant underlaying infrastructure because it needs to read and write...
  2. MartinD

    'Cloud' chassis - anyone using them?

    Many moons ago, I used to work for a company that used some of these when they were first coming out. They were part of a fallover system for high-traffic, HA campaigns (like TV advertisments, etc) and they worked quite well. I'm seeing more of these coming out of the woodwork on the likes of...
  3. wlanboy

    Running a MongoDB cluster

    This tutorial is about installing a MongoDB cluster on Debian/Ubuntu. There are different ways to run a MongoDB cluster. My prefered one is the ReplicaSet. For a working ReplicaSet you need at least three servers. Running the master Running the slave Running the Arbiter This is caused by...