1. drmike

    Colo@ and SecureDragon Clifton, New Jersey Issues / Migration

    As per SecureDragon's Twitter: "Apparently our NJ servers are being sent to another data center. No notice was given to us and we're not sure where they are going." Others commented on here about the situation.... What is going...
  2. V

    Total Server Solutions - Stock Clearance Sale, Once They're Gone they're Gone

    Total Server Solutions is having a inventory clearance sale.  We have limited availability at our Colo@ facilities in New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.  Prices starting at 159.00/mo with choices of upgrades as well for extra.  The list is pretty extensive so instead...
  3. V

    Dual E5620 2x1TB 16GB 10TB@100MB Los Angeles Colo@ 109/mo

    We have a server special for those that are interested at our Colo@ Facility in Los Angeles.  Upgrades for extra available. Dual E5620 16GB RAM 2x1TB 7200HDD 10TB On 100MB Port 1 - IP 109/mo Upgrade Options: Up to 64G RAM 100MB Unmetered for 25.00 1G Port and Unmetered 1G SSD's and up...
  4. TruvisT

    SolidShellSecurity, LLC ? Atlanta, GA ? OpenVZ, Great Deals, Stable, Serious Hardware, Starting @ $4

    SolidShellSecurity, LLC ? Virtual Private Servers Done Well, like steak! Hey and thanks for checking out our ad! SolidShellSecurity, LLC works with businesses, communities and other online websites to provide them with stable and quality uptime to serve their needs. At this time we have two...