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  1. ryantyagi92

    ESDS Managed Colocation – Best Colocation Hosting for Critical IT Assets

    Landing URL: ESDS Managed Colocation Hosting gives you the best enterprise Colocation hosting your critical IT Assets. With ESDS, get complete control of your virtual machines hosted in world-class Tier 3 Data Center infrastructure. ESDS Managed Colocation is...
  2. matinesds

    What are the standard features of Colocation Services ?

    Colocation means nothing but moving one’s IT infrastructure to the Data Center or the fully managed & secured infrastructure. There are many reasons as to why one must move their servers to the data centers? It gives you the liberty to place your servers in a secure environment which is being...
  3. matinesds

    Why Should People Consider Colocation?

    When your data is stored with Colocation Company, it becomes highly secured and monitored by their technical experts. This vendor offers 24/7 support, building security and infrastructure such as power, cooling, fire protection and redundancy. The most important fact of choosing a colocation...
  4. matinesds

    Advantages Of Colocation Services

    What is Colocation Service? There is an excellent demand for much better web hosting services, especially the colocation services, for online business in recent times. As the server costs have come to be rather manageable, business that can afford them are using their private web hosting servers...
  5. Mivocloud

    Colocation in Europe | Support 24/7 | Uptime 99.9%

    Colocation in Europe | Support 24/7 | Uptime 99.9% About Us: MivoCloud is the first IaaS Provider in Moldova. We created a simple Cloud Platform in Europe to bring new solutions and services for the contemporary market needs. Pay per hour Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private...
  6. M

    Enterprise Colocation for Hosting Critical IT Assets

    ESDS Managed Colocation- an enterprise Colocation Service offering you complete control of your machines in world-class infrastructure for hosting your essential IT assets. ESDS Managed Colocation services are combined with eMagic, allowing you to gain enhanced control for your IT assets. Why...