1. E

    Monitoring Service Beta (Sentinel Tower)

    Hello members of VPSBoard, Today we are proudly launching the beta version of our server monitoring service. As many others, our solution is based on an agent that you install on your server and a hosted software which displays and send notifications. The current version only supports the...
  2. E

    What do you expect from a server monitoring service ?

    Hello VpsBoard members, I am exploring ideas with the intent of starting a company and I came up with the idea a creating a server monitoring service. My plan is to do something more complete then a ping based monitoring service, less hassling than setting up your own service (cacti, munin, …)...
  3. drmike

    Future VPS Company Dead Pool Wager Hall

    Long overdue... This is the thread where you wager a guess at your choice of a future VPS company that will deadpool (fail). There are no rules.. Just pick a company and a guess of when the fail will happen. We'll all refer to this and share popcorn and chatter as the inevitable faceplants...