1. S

    KVM on OVH/SYS using recommended configuration with Virtualizor & SolusVM

    Thank you for the appreciation on my previous tutorials. The network settings which I had used in my previous tutorial bypass what is recommended by OVH but they work perfectly. But some people requested for writing a tutorial with OVH's recommended network configuration so here it is :)  ...
  2. HenriqueSousa - WebUp 24/7

    Mandrill for Outgoing WHMCS Emails

    Hello, We are starting to use Mandrill here at WebUp, we configured our company emails on Outlook and it works perfectly. But on WHMCS we are having some issues implementing it: WHMCS is confirming the emails being sent through SMTP, and we receive the test emails. But those emails aren't...
  3. S

    Installing & configuring KVM on OVH with SolusVM

    I have seen many hosts & other individuals who want to setup KVM with OVH servers having lot of difficulties because the gateways & routing of network interfaces is different in OVH's network. Some even totally give up the idea & quit thinking about setting KVM on OVH's network. That is why I...