1. drmike

    AtlantaNAP to be sold to zColo (Zayo)

    BREAKING NEWS The ever-popular southeast USA hub in Atlanta (AtlantaNAP) is in the process of changing hands. GNAX seems to have a quite a big build out in Atlanta  They also operate in Dallas, Texas. The buyer of AtlantaNAP is reported to be...
  2. drmike

    CoreXchange Sold Yesterday to Zayo / AboveNet / zColo - Today Incero Hikes Prices

    So Dallas, Texas, colo facility CoreXchange has been sold to Zayo Group which owns AboveNet most notably. See: CoreXchange has been a popular colo facility for many bargain priced resellers and offered reasonable dedicated server rentals directly. Today, following...
  3. Jonathan emergency bailout of Dallas

    Several BurstNET customers have reported receiving the following email:   They've been using CoreXChange in Dallas and few other Corex customers have chimed in a reported they've not had any issues.  It was also posted at one point that Burst has cut their cage size in half recently and their...