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  1. ServerHunter

    Coupons Codes for Virtual Servers on Server Hunter

    Thinking of purchasing a virtual server soon? Save more on server hosting by using discount codes! Go though the coupon page at, and check out thousands of servers from hundreds of web hosting providers. Comparing servers and saving money, now made...
  2. ServerHunter

    Coupon Codes for Dedicated Servers

    Thinking of purchasing a dedicated server soon? Save more on server hosting by using discount codes! Coupons are now available on Server Hunter. Go though the coupon page at Currently we have listed more than 10,000 dedicated server offers from hundreds...
  3. FirstHeberg


    SAVE 20% ON ALL VPS Spécial offer from 01/09 to 10/09 Available for a period of 24 months !!! CODE : FORUM20 Functions included with your VPS offer : VNC CONSOLE, manage your VPS server remotely REBOOT, in one click, at will ! REVERSE DNS, directly from...
  4. ParkInHost - Inst Setup | 100Mbps/ 1Gbps Linux VPS from € 4.49 (RU,NL,DE,US)

    ParkInHost is offering the most comprehensive range of secure, fully protected and private web hosting services across the world. ParkInHost operates in 4 Data Centers worldwide giving you the widest network choices for your business. Our Core Center operates 18/7 with support engineers...
  5. drmike

    Vultr Coupon Code $50 Free Credit (with $2.50 pre-authorization charge)

    For all the frugal folks needing sandbox instances for dev / testing, Vultr has a coupon code for $50 credit. The $50 free credit is good for 60 days.  You will have to provide payment pre-authorization in amount of $2.50 (which supposedly gets refunded). The promotion is over here: ...