1. drmike

    ARM has legs. Real world use.

    In fussing with my Raspberry Pi's yesterday, I realized it really is an ARM computing universe now.  ARM for a desktop still is a hacker thing and performance is blah unless using embedded eMMC.  I haven't splurged for eMMC modules for gear (often cost is prohibitive relative to the cheap aspect...
  2. sundaymouse

    Intel released their newest Xeon E7-8895 v2 Released a few days ago. Highlights: 15 Cores / 30 Threads in HT 2.8 GHz with TB 3.6GHz 37.5 MB Cache 22nm 155W Max Memory 1536GB ECC Max CPU Config...
  3. Novacha

    How does KVM CPU work?

    It was my understanding (at least from looking at some general posts) that on a KVM virtualised system, you can utilize all the CPU allocated to you. Is this true? For instance, on OpenVZ in a standard oversold environment you would not be allowed to usually have a load average of above 1.0. On...
  4. bigcat

    Share your server specs

    Following this thread with interest, now I'm curious about custom build server that you colocate. So lets bring your mightiest server to the battle and state the technical specs. B) Example Picture is a huge plus Ready made dedicated server user, please stay away :D