1. G

    It's impressive how bad Crissic got when Quadranet took over

    Multiple downtimes (this time 22 hours and counting), slow performance, packet loss... I wouldn't mind if support bothered answering tickets in a timely manner, but it's been hours since I ticketed them and they've not replied. Also interesting is that this status page says there are no...
  2. drmike

    Crissic Migrating Jacksonvile - Much Downtime Planned

    Email just went out DATACENTER MIGRATION - SERVICE IMPACTING Location: Jacksonville, FL (JAX) Date: Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 Start Time: 5:00PM EDT End Time: 3:00AM EDT Description: In order to offer better connectivity and to offer an improved level of hands-on support, your equipment is...
  3. MannDude

    Crissic has been acquired by Quadranet

    As per:
  4. Ricky Spanish

    What happened to the crissic website?

    I had crissic on a list of hosts I was comparing and noticed this morning the website just goes to their billing system. They don't have any information about the company or products there. I had to use the archive version of the site...
  5. S

    Crissic Solutions SOON to Launch New VPS Offers in Los Angeles, California, USA

    The following email is being sent out to all customers with an active service with Crissic. We are super excited for our LA launch. Order links have been removed for the purposes of this post, but an advertisement will go live here and on other sites when LA goes live. Initially launching with...
  6. AuroraZero

    Looking for some Benchmarks and a KVM

    Okay first I am looking into Crissic's offer for their OpenVZ plans. I know they are located in Jacksonville but I have not been able to find any credible reviews or benchmarks other then what they post themselves. I am hoping some one will be nice to post some, run on their machines. Prefer to...
  7. drmike

    Colocrossing's Core "Router" is a Switch

    Some fun info about Colocrossing for today. The reason Colocrossing can't offer IPv6 and has delayed setting up BGP sessions (See Crissic's LA departure thread) is because they don't actually have a large  core router. Instead, they use switches similar to the photo below as their "edge...
  8. S

    $7/m 2GB RAM VPS - Crissic Solutions, LLC

    Crissic Solutions, LLC - VPS Done Right Use the Coupon code: HALFOFF for 50% off for life! - On our Proton and Atom packages only. ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ? 2GB SPECIAL ? Cores: 5 ? Dedicated RAM: 2048 MB ? vSwap: 4096 MB ? Disk: 100 GB ? Bandwidth: 5000 GB ? IPs: 1...