crypto business

  1. Peter_Quint

    How much does it cost to develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform?

    As starting a cryptocurrency exchange is one of the profitable businesses, there are certainly many crypto entrepreneurs willing to start a crypto exchange platform. But, before working on the crypto exchange, they should work on the cost estimation. There aren’t many online resources...
  2. Peter_Quint

    Guidelines for developing crypto payment gateway software

    Nowadays everything gets digitized. Fiat payments are gradually being replaced with digital payments over the last few years. Likewise, cryptocurrencies have the highest possibility of replacing fiat in future. As per June 2021 reports, there are 221million crypto users worldwide. People are...
  3. Peter_Quint

    Cryptocurrency payment gateway development - In a nutshell

    If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start a business in the crypto field, take a good glance at this write-up. The inception of bitcoins, the first-ever cryptocurrency is where it all started. No one had any idea about the potential of cryptocurrencies at that time. But, there is a huge...
  4. Alyssakingsley

    Why Crypto Exchange Business is Still a Dominating Business Model in the Blockchain Space???

    Recently in the crypto community, one startup asked - “Why should I opt for crypto exchange business in the blockchain/crypto ecosystem? while there are many other business gates available in the crypto/blockchain space" I would say this is completely natural for many entrepreneurs to raise...