1. InvestPartner

    Cooperation Offer

    Hello everyone! We invite you to mutually beneficial, fruitful cooperation with a new money making themed website, dedicated to investing, cryptocurrencies, and earning online. In order to advertise your website for free on the forum, it is enough to sign up and propose to discuss your...
  2. oneilonline

    █ Dual Gold 6128 to Dual Xeon 5420 we have every CPU! █ 100+ Servers Available █ Starting @ $48.50 █

    Over 23 years in business, Watta Server has the experience in the hosting industry to know how to do it right. We do a lot more than just hosting, we are a full service hosting company. If you need a control panel installed like cpanel, webmin or tcadmin: we can do it for you. If you need us to...
  3. clownjugglar

    OpenSSL crypto bypass flaw (TLS)

    Quote from ArsTechnica article: edit: Edit to note that Debian Wheezy, CentOS and Arch Linux have already been patched. For those interested, Debian Security mailing list post...