customer support

  1. drmike

    Customer Support Representatives with Experience Wanted

    I have a shop that is looking for experienced support representative(s). Remote work / contract position. Paid weekly. Should have real experience working with WHMCS on Linux VPS and cPanel.  Should be familiar with command line and common network tools. Abuse and suspensions are big...
  2. drmike

    GRIPE: Customer Support is not a business option.

    Not a gripe with anyone I am working with / clients, but an evolving and growing gripe due to what I keep stepping in during research (read: shit). I continue to fail to understand why support is an afterthought at best in the hosting industry. This business is NOT PASSIVE INCOME...
  3. DomainBop

    Kimsufi Decides Maybe Forums Aren't The Best Place For Billing Support

    OVH's Kimsufi is scrapping its 1 year old "forum only support" and Kimsufi users will now be able to enjoy the same quality support as other OVH users.  Hardware support and commercial support (billing, order questions) will now be handled by email, Mon-Fri during office hours.  Support for...