1. drmike

    Dacentec - Unreliable Network Ran by Amateurs - Recommendations

    I have boxes with Dacentec.   Lured like others by the pricing with the RTO. Easier than purchasing and shipping units to colo... well it was...  Been blah about the network whole time there. Lately it's non stop performance issues.  That is when the place doesn't drop power or get DDoS'd...
  2. drmike

    Dacentec Launched New Website

    New website launch by Dacentec. Big thing is the many different servers now seemingly being offered.  A few are rental only.    Some bigger RAM boxes too. Their site redirects to:
  3. HalfEatenPie

    Dacentec New Price Schemes - Lowers Costs - Rent Only?!

    So Dacentec recently sent this email.  I removed the link (because I don't know if they want to hand it out or not?), but they're now selling Dual L5520s for 60/month on a rent-only model.  There are one-time buy-downs, which are $50 up-front cost for -$5 monthly, $100 up-front cost for -$10...
  4. drmike

    Dacentec RTO --- billing issues?

    Anyone else here have / had a Dacentec RTO that reached 12 month maturity/payoff?  Does Dacentec auto adjust the monthly rate or do you have to do a dance with them? Know someone with one and has been over paying for past 2 months - at same RTO rate.