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  1. FlokiNET

    RavenFriday @! - Real 30% discount + AntiDDoS Incl., save up 90eur/mo/srv ;) Romania

    RavenFriday, real discounts at FlokiNET! :D We were established in 2012 in Iceland to provide a safe harbor for freedom of speech, free press and whistle-blower projects. Us at FlokiNET will always offer our services without requiring personal information and will never give third parties...
  2. MannDude

    DDoS Filtering: CNServers VS Staminus VS BlackLotus VS CloudFlare

    I suppose not all of these are directly comparable, as the last two are generally more expensive options than the first two, though price doesn't mean they're better or worse. As most of you know, the traffic here is filtered via CNServers. It does it's job well the vast majority of the time...