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  1. VirtualGuy

    Truxgo Dedicated | Bare Metal Servers - Multiple Locations - Powerful Hardware

    Dedicated/Bare Metal Servers with Truxgo Rent a Bare Metal/Dedicated Server with Truxgo. Truxgo's dedicated services are available on multiple locations worldwide, offering the best speed, hardware and reliability. With up to 64GB RAM, SSD Storage, multiple CPU support, and different Linux...

    New 2020 Dedicated Server Prices from $19/mo *fully managed*100% confidential* in Riga, Latvia

    We are a server rental company running our own private datacenter located in Europe (Latvia). New 2020 prices below: * First term 50% off (for example: pay for 1 year in advance and get 50% off for a year!) Coupon code exclusively for WHT users: WHT2020 Brand new HP and Supermicro servers...
  3. N

    Dedicated Servers in Europe - 20% lifetime discount

    We are web european hosting company with our own data center, located in Serbia. Link: Lifetime discount for all servers - 20% Use discount code: 20May Webmaster package Discount price: 55 eur Procesor: 1 x Xeon Hard Disk (SATA)2 x 500GB RAM16 GB...
  4. Scopehosts - New offer on Germany VPS || Get 70% Offer || Unlimited Bandwidth with 100Mbps Netw

    GERMANY 100 Mbps LINUX VPS      =====================================      Scopehosts provides worldwide quality web hosting and supported services. Get Leased Servers, Hardwares, Networks directly from the datacenter. The OpenVZ VPS Hosting Services are located at 4 Different locations i.e...