1. drmike

    Linux CCTV / camera / security cobblers here?

    Do we have any resident cobblers / DIY types who are using Linux for CCTV / security related? I mean legit Linux DIY not premade embedded systems. I am fussing with some China dump wifi cameras (read cheap).  Quite interesting little units for the price (bound to be more like them). ~ $15 a...
  2. drmike

    DIY Wireless Temperature Sensors - recommendations?

    Working on or wanting to work on some building projects over the winter. One thing I am experimenting with is various materials for simple R-value - think insulating value or ability to keep heat in or out (both are of interest). Looking for cheap and open source solutions for sensing...
  3. fisle

    Swapping screen in a laptop

    Hey guys! My girlfriend managed to step on her netbook - eMachines em350 to be exact, and managed to break the screen. What a surprise :P I bought her a new netbook, so here I am with half-functioning netbook. Now, as you probably know, the resolution on those things is hideous 1024x600. I was...