dual hexacore server

  1. TurnkeyInternet

    Dedicated Web Hosting Server | Dual Hexa-Core (24 CPU Cores) 64 GB Ram SSD | GigE 1000 Mbit | $89/mo

    TurnKey Internet, Inc provides Dedicated Servers, Colocation, Web Hosting, Cloud, and Virtual Servers from its company-owned and operated Green Datacenter. Since 1999, TurnKey Internet, Inc. has built a reputation of outstanding personalized service, reliability, and value. Owning our own...
  2. TurnkeyInternet

    Dual HexaCore & Dual OctaCore Dedicated Servers | 32GB to 256GB RAM | GigE | IPv6 | @ $53/month*

    The price may look unbelievable, it is our investments in our company-owned green datacenter that lets us operate at lower costs than the competition to provide these amazing values to you and still maintain a profitable company that has been around since 1999. To learn more about TurnKey please...