1. ryanarp

    [INCERO-TX] Single E5-2620 Starting $199- Free Disk, RAM, & Bandwidth Upgrades!

    We have 20 of the following systems available right now, we've thrown in various free upgrades, choose any of the disks listed for free;   E5-2620 (6 Cores, 12 Threads, 2.5Ghz Turbo) 64GB DDR-3 ECC RAM (upgradeable to 256GB DDR-3 ECC RAM) H/W RAID 0,1,5,6,10 Card, with hotswap drive bays 4x...
  2. TurnkeyInternet

    TURNKEY: E5-2620 HexaCore Dedicated Server | 32 GB Ram | Raid 10 | 4 x 240 GB SSD | $152/mo

    50% Off For Life! Hurry, good for new orders placed during our promotion! These items are VERY limited inventory, prices while supplies last. Please see All Our Special Offers for all rules and Limitations. NOTE: Coupon must be used to place order, coupon details are located at...
  3. clouds4india


    Greetings to all VPSBOARD members. VPSRAID Solutions aims to balance performance and cost being an economic option for clients to choose. We have experienced staff to handle all your queries. Our services are currently located with HostDime datacenter Orlando, Florida. We have incorporated on...
  4. A

    Web performance (E3 or E5)

    Hi, I can't decide which "option" should I choose. I was looking into RamNode's offer and I can see that they offer E3 and E5 running VPS's. I know that there won't be much of difference but still I was kinda curious in terms of web performance which one would be a better solution in terms of...