1. BBGN Brian

    BBGN - Dual E5620 48GB RAM, 2x2TB HDD with Hardware Raid -- $75/m, E3s @ 50% off!

    ████ Welcome to Big Brain Global Networks █████ Who are we? Big Brain Global is a privately owned division of Big Brain LLC, the industry’s premier provider of commercial and consumer managed IT services. A carefully assembled team of business and IT experts deliver top-quality services on...
  2. BBGN Brian

    BBGN> Dual Intel Quad Core E5620 48GB RAM 2X2TB w/ HW RAID > $85/m > VWMARE OPTIMISED

  3. ryanarp

    Dual Xeon E5620 $199/month RAM, DISK, CPU Upgrades Available

    Dual Xeon E5620: Base price: $199/mo or $169/mo with $199 setup   FREE IPv4, up to a $512/mo value! Dual Xeon E5620 (upgrade to Dual Xeon E5645 $199 one time fee) 32GB DDR-3 ECC RAM (upgrade to 96GB DDR-3 ECC RAM $199 one time fee) H/W RAID 0,1,10, or 0,1,5,6,10 can be thrown in free depending...
  4. V

    Total Server Solutions - Stock Clearance Sale, Once They're Gone they're Gone

    Total Server Solutions is having a inventory clearance sale.  We have limited availability at our Colo@ facilities in New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.  Prices starting at 159.00/mo with choices of upgrades as well for extra.  The list is pretty extensive so instead...
  5. V

    Dual E5620 2x1TB 16GB 10TB@100MB Los Angeles Colo@ 109/mo

    We have a server special for those that are interested at our Colo@ Facility in Los Angeles.  Upgrades for extra available. Dual E5620 16GB RAM 2x1TB 7200HDD 10TB On 100MB Port 1 - IP 109/mo Upgrade Options: Up to 64G RAM 100MB Unmetered for 25.00 1G Port and Unmetered 1G SSD's and up...