1. Francisco

    Anycast IP addresses & IP failover now available at BuyVM!

    Hello everyone, After much work, Anycast IP addresses & failover IP addresses are operational! Customers with service in all 3 of our locations can assign themselves anycast IP addresses and then enable them to be bound on each virtual server! We've also brought failover IP support, making it...
  2. drmike

    CloudF[ai]l[u]are Lacks Failover Support

    With all the recent site attacks elsewhere and continued finger pointing about CloudFlare, I went over there finally to check their stuff out. Major problem, they have no support for failover.   Meaning no way to tell CF to point elsewhere when your backend server can't be reached. Am I...
  3. wlanboy

    Running your own failover DNS setup

    It is easy to run your website on different servers. It is easy to run databases accross different servers. Because virtual servers got quite cheap. But it is not that easy to ensure that your visitors are visiting a server that is still running. You can setup more than one A record but a...