1. drmike

    Flash Finally Dead? Blame HackingTeam.

    Facebook security chief tweeted the other day:     Then a fellow over at Firefox dropped a boot on Flash   And.... Why? Cause our "friends" at HackingTeam were using TWO exploits in Flash to hack folks. (see: )
  2. J

    Mozilla bundles proprietary extension with Firefox

    So... after adding advertising to the start screen, planning to disable installation of extensions from third party sources and deciding to break the open web followed by half-assed excuses that miss the point, here's Mozilla's next step: bundling integration with a proprietary service in...
  3. lbft

    Mozilla announces the death of unencrypted HTTP Mozilla has posted an announcement to their security blog that they are deprecating plain HTTP without encryption. They plan to do that by: Presumably nothing will happen until after Let's Encrypt's free certs are...